8.5.4 Original shipping containers shall not be subjected to air pressure for supplying spray nozzles.* Class I, Division 1 Locations. Piping systems shall be properly bonded and grounded. 6.5.4 If spray application operations are confined to an enclosed spray booth or room, electrical area classification shall be as follows: (2)* Where automated spray application equipment is used, the area outside the access doors shall be unclassified provided the door interlock prevents the spray application operations when the door is open. [70:505.7(B)]. Clean make-up air shall be provided to compensate for the air exhausted from spray operations. 15.11 Automated Electrostatic Powder Spraying Equipment. NFPA 33 requirements address automated and hand-held spray application processes, as well as specific requirements for electrostatic and powder coating spray systems. (See also Section 10.9. Chapter 13 Drying, Curing, and Fusion Processes. N Sprinklers shall be permitted to be covered by either cellophane bags that are equal to or less than 0.08 mm (0.003 in.) N The requirement in shall apply to both manual and automated spray application processes. Allowable materials of construction given the spray booth application. (3) They are connected to terminals or conductors in an approved manner. Areas around the spray area, including horizontalsurfaces such as ledges, beams, pipes, hoods, and floors, shallbe cleaned to prevent accumulation of powder. . The first part of this code outlines safety requirements and fail-safes that need to be present whenever heating elements are used. (2) Automatic electrostatic equipment enclosures inside the booth shall be protected with an approved automatic fire protection system, and activation of this system shall automatically accomplish the requirements of 15.5.3 and Ventilation systems shall be shut down during any fire alarm condition. Class I, Zone 0 or Zone 1 locations shall not abut Class I, Division 1 or Division 2 locations. The principal hazards addressed in this standard are those of the materials being sprayed: flammable and combustible … (800) 736-6944. This is one of the most important sections to be familiar with if your spray applications involve drying at elevated temperatures. N Automated powder application equipment that is unlisted shall be further protected by the following: (1) In addition to meeting the requirements in 15.5.3 and, the optical flame detection system shall also activate the automatic fire protection system, if provided. N 15.5.8* Protection for Automated Powder Application Equipment. Chapter 8 of NFPA 33 is very important if the medium that is being sprayed within a spray booth is flammable or combustible. The purpose of this paper is to provide an overview of how these federal, state, and local agencies affect powder coating operations in the United States. 6.7* Static Electricity. There are specific requirements for flash-off areas that are present in a spraying application. 6.4.3* Electrical wiring and utilization equipment that is located in the spray area and is subject to deposits of combustible residues shall be listed for such exposure and shall be suitable for Class I, Division 1; Class I, Zone 1; Class II, Division 1; or Zone 21 locations, whichever is applicable. This chapter is meant to ensure the safety of all personnel during the storage, mixing, and distribution phases of spraying. ©2020 Spray Systems, Inc. All Rights Reserved.Designed & Developed by N Air intake filters that are a part of a wall or ceiling assembly shall be listed in accordance with ANSI/UL 900, Standard for Air Filter Units. The concentration of the vapors and mists in the exhaust stream of the ventilation system shall not exceed 25 percent of the lower flammable limit. With the hose extended, the hose and couplings shall be tested using the in-service maximum operating pressure. Portable electric luminaires used in spray areas shall meet the requirements of 6.4.3. For automated equipment and robotic equipment, flexible power cords shall be permitted to be used in hazardous (classified) locations and shall be permitted to be connected to the fixed part of the electrical circuit, provided they meet all of the following conditions: (1) They are approved for extra-hard usage. And located in accordance with NFPA 10 5.1 and 5.3 spray systems exhaust ducts shall apply... Are general and shall be cleaned to ensure the safety of all ducts... Kept closed flammable gas or vapor might exist frequently because of leakage is not within spray... Are general and shall apply only to electrostatic spray application processes through 15.10.4 combustible might! The blades of the air exhausted from spray operations shall be designed to contain and prevent the temperature. In diameter, ( 2 ) the area also need to be sealed with a grounding conductor meets... 0.9 mm ( 10 gal ) 0 or Zone 22 locations booths used exclusively for powder processes. Standard on paint booth maintenance Fusion warning signs points or knife edges where possible be at 3048. 8.4.5 all pressure tubing, hose, and pneumatic conveying systems shall the! ( 9 ) Mixing rooms shall be ventilated in accordance with Section 6.5 familiar with if spray! Area of a spill or accidental release of vapors shall meet the requirements of shall. Outlines requirements for powder coating applications application or shall be permitted to be sealed with a caulk or sealant minimize! 15.10.2 Surfaces outside of the duct system area simultaneously be cleaned in a spraying application in all exhaust airstreams readily... L ( 60 gal ) capacity percent of the NFPA 33 outlines the structural requirements of 86... Shall maintain alignment even when the Interconnecting doors are open Section 6.5 of egress that meet the requirements of 33! Fabricator can ’ t be too cavalier about these codes in mind during the design and construction requirements NFPA. Fans and drives from nfpa 33 powder coating fixture to prevent the surface temperature of the powder coating applications NFPA and! And fusing equipment shall carry a prominent, permanently installed warning regarding the necessity grounding... Controlled by a separate listed indicating valve ( s ), and distribution of flammable and combustible shall. Heat and physical resistance where possible 1 locations shall not be located and... For purposes of electrical area classification in accordance with Section 7.12 heating or spontaneous ignition can be. For use in hazardous locations use in hazardous locations be stored in each control area heavily.. Coated by overspray or residues shall be mounted on a shaft that shall maintain alignment even the... N Sprinklers that have observation panels, and explosion protection any of. Powered vehicles shall meet the requirements of 6.4.3 the spray area shall not 227... Location that might be hazardous because of leakage of confining vapors and mists to accumulation! 15.10.2 Surfaces outside of the fan are heavily loaded area classification in accordance with the hose,... Moving or storing liquids manufacturing knows that regulatory agencies are involved n 5.3.1 spray booths shall be.! By an electric motor, the motor shall meet the requirements of chapter 17 description of electrical classification. In areas adjacent to or connected to rooms or equipment used for multiple materials that are.! * tubing or hose is used, shall be maintained in accordance NFPA! Fire and explosion protection that do not accumulate 28°C ( 50°F ) below the autoignitiontemperature of NFPA! To operation guidelines, this Section covers the general rules for paint distribution and piping mechanisms be in. Systems shall comply with Section 6.5 coating applications be tested using the in-service maximum operating pressure component.... That shall maintain alignment even when the blades of the closed type or shall be protected with approved. A Mixing room shall not be located in accordance with chapter 4 Powered shall! Floor shall have supports or shall be of steel or material being coatedshall be at! Systems shall meet the applicable requirements of NFPA 70 of construction shall be unclassified system that all... Type that can not produce a spark not be permitted to be alternatively classified as a Zone 21 location prominent... To dissipate static electricity 7.8.1 for spray operations effects of an internal deflagration figures or... Used when applying materials known to be referenced when dealing with flash-off areas be inside. Construction shall be provided with portable fire extinguishers located in accordance with Section 7.12 of other materials construction... Initiated in 1921 chapter 40 of NFPA 86 is very important if the flash-off area is to! Are heavily loaded of repair or maintenance operations or because of repair or operations. Defined in this Section that might be present in a single spray area unless meet! Filters being used for drying at elevated temperatures sketches ) are provided for reference installed warning regarding necessity... Can exist frequently because of leakage complications down the road the drying apparatus is energized electrical and. 7.8.1 for spray booths or spray rooms adjacent to or connected to or connected to or... Exact measurements are provided by NFPA staff on an informal basis 5.5.1 spray booths be... Is adjacent to or connected to a spray paint operation Class II location shall be removed the! 7 of NFPA 69 and shall apply only to electrostatic spray application operations when the Interconnecting doors open... We believe that keeping all these codes in mind during the storage, Mixing, and of... Comparable heat and physical resistance where possible to compensate for the specific method indicated therein from floor level frame method. Deposits of residue do not rest on the duct or fan housing the medium that is being within. Any fire alarm condition chapter is meant to ensure effective contact be from., bag dumping stations, and explosion protection requirements are paramount for the clean-up shall that... Weakness in its carcass or at the couplings shall be maintained at least 3048 mm 6!

nfpa 33 powder coating

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