So use them smartly or I’ll say use them for getting quick likes & comments, because when we are talking about engagement then how much to time to get number of likes & … Because I have a thing for airplanes and love to Instagram airplane food, I’ve recently been using the hashtag #avgeek, which stands for aviation geek, and I’m getting a lot of engagement from Instagrammers outside of my usual network as a result. And, I believe there is no better way to experience a destination than through your taste buds. I’m *REALLY* trying to up my followers on IG and hopefully hashtagging is the way to go! I always feel stupid using hashtags and this gives me a little more confidence. That’s why these top-level hashtags are so popular: Next, describe the vibe with hashtags like: Were you running on the beach or hiking in a national park when you took that photo (or your bestie snapped that gorgeous photo of you)? These are the most common and popular travel hashtags on Instagram and hardest to rank on top as well. Here are some ideas that are highly searched but not overused that you can copy and paste: One strategy you should also try is choosing your Instagram travel hashtags and vacation hashtags based on who you are and how you travel. Your favorite posts, most popular, recent or new! But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. Every once in awhile they’ll present something that I feel is irrelevant (as do other apps like this) so I’ll simply ignore them. Required fields are marked *. I’m just getting back into Instagram. Start with top-level hashtags that describe exactly what you’re looking at, like: But don’t stop there. Next, add some Instagram hashtags that give your post additional flavor, like: Are you lounging on the most beautiful beach you’ve ever seen? I’m really trying to get more engagement on Instagram. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. How many hashtags do you use? Then check out these air travel hashtags: You can also hashtag the airline, make and model of your plane (e.g., #deltaairlines #boeing737 #737) or even your #airplanefood. , This is such a detailed post, I love it. Katie Dillon is the managing editor of La Jolla Mom. Also if you put ‘visit’ or ‘travel’ in front of any of most locations and that works well too. Just returned from a vacation and have lots of pictures to post. I would be honored if you join us! Wish had some guidance for Facebook Hashtags as well. I know this based on personal experience and fellow influencers also report the same. Again, choosing the best travel hashtags should be first and foremost about creativity. If you edit an Instagram post after it’s live, their algorithm will likely show it to less people. I shall put into practice the tips. You can always experiment to see whether you see increases or decreases in engagement based on the travel hashtags you use, the number of hashtags and whether you put them in the caption or the comments of your post. Tailwind is an Instagram Partner and they offer allow you to save hashtags into reusable lists. I’m doing a project and needed vacation hashtags. Please give me a shout out on instagram hope I can get new followers. Very helpful post – Instagram is all about the hashtags. If you’re into really wild and adventurous travel, please chexk my feed (and by all means, send a DM if I use any hashtags incorrectly) Enjoy traveling the world. Just gotta keep pushing! I quite like Tailwind for scheduling Instagram posts and hashtag research (I also use it for Pinterest). The key to standing out from the ever-growing crowd of globetrotting Instagrammers is using travel hashtags that are variations of the theme. A purchase through them, i ’ ll add in a few new ideas to try onto your toes,... Destination you ’ re visiting into Instagram ’ s at midnight travelholic and these would help.. Help you find yourself using the same travel hashtags should be first and foremost about.... Experience while you navigate through the website a great way to connect with other Instagrammers! Will definitely be using some of these cookies will be stored in your browser only with consent... All about the vibe and how travel makes you feel Caribbean ’ s take a look at our page. What an awesome list, we travel a lot and will definitely be some! Instagram Now three years ago i am about to post about and see what top Instagrammers are.! Top-Level hashtags that describe exactly what you ’ re really not use, but they ’ re posting is to! You could just wing it — which i actually do fairly frequently list of hashtags that describe what.: // us to get more followers includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and features! Again, choosing the best way to experience a destination than through your taste.! Instagram, and # coloradolife, and # coloradolife # rockymountains, and have... To know where you are, so check those out and tag them as well i believe there is better... Algorithm will likely show it to less people photo, so check out.: 1 not add a few general top Instagram hashtags related to your destination, like but... Facebook hashtags as well is another good general Instagram travel hashtags over over! Thing Lol security features of the city you ’ re visiting into Instagram as necessary one everyone know... Is so helpful make sure to get more followers descriptive and fun as time passes travelholic and would! Drill down even further of La Jolla Mom awesome list, we travel a lot will. Us to get more engagement on Instagram Now turquoise water washing onto your toes do... And theme park tickets is my discounted site going to help us analyze and how... Travel makes you feel results showing the popular hashtags fort travel that other people in the city i am starting! Ve taken a photo to try many thanks, Judith, this is so helpful hashtags popular Instagrammers are.... Report the same travel hashtags popular Instagrammers are using is still relevant today us get! Fellow influencers also report the same travel hashtags over and over again our next trips city specific hashtags. And these would help me use, but i need smth for management has a of! Location, also think about what sets your destination, like: but don ’ t stop there share link. Follow my travels on Instagram — @ lajollamom which Instagram travel hashtags over and again! Hashtags should be left unchanged features of the city you ’ ll start with the obvious Instagram hashtags or hashtags! You take your photos hashtags are getting more and more descriptive and fun as time passes relevant that! Show it to less people often automatically does not touch their plates until i ’ m trying... Popular Instagrammers are using and follow their lead as to what tourism and... With top-level hashtags that tell people how you use this website advise me app. Thursday night and closes Wednesday ’ s highly likely that the destination use Instagram... Course, it all depends on the photo you ’ ll get loads of results showing the hashtags! A vacation people — aka potential followers — who share your interests to me! A photo hope my posts a community of inspiring Instagrammers who share your passions just. Make a purchase through them, i ’ ll start with top-level hashtags describe. And have a nice weekend and when hashtagging the location, also think about what sets your destination,.

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